Bay Bridge

Check out the Spectacular Bay Lights Display on the Bay Bridge!

If you’re planning on visiting the San Francisco area anytime through 2015, then you will definitely want to plan on spending at least one evening gazing out at the largest LED light sculpture ever created, which is currently gracing and enhancing the San Francisco Bay Bridge. The Bay Lights, as the sculpture is called, was designed and orchestrated by world renowned artist Leo Villareal, who likes to plan projects on a rather grand scale.

The Bay Lights spans 1.8 miles and is made from 25,000 energy-efficient LED lights, which twinkle and flash in an array of stunning and never-repeating designs.

One of the world’s most accomplished and ambitious LED artists, Villareal is a pioneer in using LED lighting and computer-generated imagery. His art can be found in the permanent collections of art museums all over the world and this particular installation is not to be missed. The lights begin their entrancing show at dusk seven days a week and are on until 2 a.m. allowing everyone for miles around to enjoy this spectacular installation, as well as the stunning San Francisco skyline at night. Best of all, enjoying this massive art display is free for anyone with a good vantage point on either side of the Bay.

If the wind and weather make outdoor viewing uncomfortable, there are also many restaurants, hotels, businesses and indoor and outdoor public spaces where viewers can behold this installation with a bit more comfort. Better still, the official site offers an interactive map, found at, where you can choose the most advantageous spot(s) to watch the show while you wine, dine or recline. Those unable to visit the Bay Area during the next couple of years can also view this incredible show streamed online through the link listed above. However, there’s nothing like viewing the installations in person while the lights dancing on the spans, cables and decks of the bridge dance on the waters of San Francisco Bay. Witnessing this unique art installation will be an unforgettable experience and is yet another great reason to visit the Bay Area in the near future!