The Sausalito Floating Homes Tour

Located just across San Francisco Bay, Sausalito, CA, offers some of the best views of the Bay Area and some of the highest property values. Some of the most valuable and desirable homes here can be found along the Sausalito waterfront, and some of the most interesting are found on the water. These floating homes are some of the most innovative homes you’ll find anywhere, and, each September, many of the homeowners open up their homes to the public during the Sausalito Floating Homes Tour. The (mostly) self-guided tours offer a very unique opportunity to see how these homeowners get the most living space out of some of the most unique homes in the world.

Docents are on hand in many of the homes to provide insight into how and when the home was built and the innovative features found within structure. They answer questions about the home and the unique aspects of living on the water all year round. While the date for the tour varies from year to year, it is always open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on a Saturday near the end of the month. Each year, the tour has a different theme chosen by the Floating Homes Association.

Like many Bay Area festivals, this tour also features a public space where food vendors offer great cuisine, musicians entertain participants and artists showcase their work in a variety of styles and disciplines. If you’d like to go, it’s best to plan early, as tickets routinely sell out long before the tour. Tickets are available online through the Association’s website at for $35 each. In the unlikely event that it doesn’t sell out in advance, you may be able to purchase tickets for $40 on the day of the tour, but don’t count on it.

If you’re a Bay Area resident who has always wanted to go and/or you are expecting guests from out of town this September, you should definitely plan on attending this event. You and your guests will have a rare opportunity to walk inside these remarkable homes, and everyone will enjoy a unique Bay Area experience that they will never forget!