Fillmore District

It’s The Place To Be For Jazz Fans From All Over The World

Jazz fans from around the Bay Area and around the world know that San Francisco’s Fillmore District is the place to go for live jazz music in all its styles. Indeed, this neighborhood has enjoyed such a long legacy of hot jazz and hot jazz clubs that city officials designated the area as the Fillmore Jazz Preservation District back in the 1990s. Known for years as the “Harlem of the West,” the Fillmore District has been filled with jazz clubs and lively nightlife since ragtime was the predominant jazz style. These days, you can find jazz musicians playing a variety of jazz styles at the following Fillmore District jazz clubs:

  • 1300 on Fillmore
    Great food and great vibes set the stage at this jazz club. Sink into one of the comfortable couches with a comfortable cocktail and let the musicians take your imagination along with them. This classy jazz joint is one of the best in the city and is well worth a visit.
  • Yoshi’s
    Jazz headliners from across the country and around the world head to Yoshi’s when they’re on tour and with good reason. The Japanese food and sake are as legendary as the players who hold forth and explore on the stage. This place on 1330 Fillmore is definitely worth a stop, as is the Yoshi’s on the other side of San Francisco Bay in Oakland.
  • The Boom Boom Room
    If you’re in the mood for bluesy, swampy, funky and soul-infused jazz styles, then plan on checking out this club at 1601 Fillmore. This joint caters more to urban, contemporary jazz fans who like a little hip-hop sprinkled over their bop. The beer is cold, the dance floor is hot and the music is live six nights a week.

There is plenty of public parking near these and other clubs in the Fillmore District, but you may wish to catch a cab or hire a limo for transportation. If you leave the driving to the pros, you can order that extra martini or bourbon and water and stay for the last set!

No matter which mode of transportation you choose, if you’re into jazz, make sure that you check out at least one of these clubs while you’re in town.