A Small Business Incubator (and a Great Place to Visit!)

Located on the eastern edge of the city, San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood is currently undergoing a remarkable transformation. Once a blue-collar neighborhood of shipping, warehousing, sewing and manufacturing, and a quiet bedroom neighborhood for the men and women who worked in these industries, Dogpatch has become one of the Bay Area’s hottest places for startups. For example, a massive warehouse that once was the American Can Factory has been transformed into the American Industrial Center, a place where entrepreneurs can rent manufacturing space at reasonable rates to build their businesses from the ground up. The former Can Factory is just one of many formerly empty warehouses in Dogpatch, which now hum with workers making everything from gourmet chocolates to software to craft beer and much more.

Along with the micro manufacturing cities-within-a-city in the warehouses along the neighborhood’s waterfront, Dogpatch’s prime commercial strip is Third Street, where you can find other small, locally owned businesses, such as cafes, clothing boutiques, coffee shops, specialty retailers and other small businesses.

Dogpatch does not have the major tourist destinations found in other San Francisco neighborhoods and that’s just fine with local residents. They prefer the affordable housing, relatively quiet streets, and relaxed pace of their neighborhood. However, don’t let the lack of tourist destinations dissuade you from visiting Dogpatch. If you’re the type of traveler who prefers to explore the off-the-beaten-track places where real San Franciscans live, work and play, hop on the T Third Street light rail line anywhere downtown and spend some time strolling through this cool, hip and definitely up-and-coming San Francisco neighborhood. Often, the most memorable and remarkable vacation experiences happen when you’re simply following your feet!