San Francisco Beer Week

Hoist a Pint and get Happy!

The San Francisco Beer Week is one of several annual events that celebrate the Bay Area’s proud brewing heritage, but it is definitely one of the best. Each February, beer lovers from across the state and around the world flock to Bay Area taprooms to sample and savor craft beers and culinary delights from some of the area’s best breweries and restaurants. Craft brewers from throughout California and the west coast also offer brews for sampling, but the focus is on beers made right here in the Bay Area.

Many brewers craft special beers specifically for this event, with unusual flavor profiles, such as:

Craft beers have exploded in popularity over the last couple of decades as thirsty beer lovers crave and seek out full-bodied and flavorful alternatives to middle-of-the-road domestic offerings from the established multi-national brewers. San Francisco Beer Week was established to showcase Bay Area craft brewers and help them gain exposure with thirsty beer lovers, who discover not only the beers but also the hard-working artisan brewers who create them.

Indeed, for many beer lovers, Beer Week is a rare chance to speak directly with brewers and learn some of the techniques used to ferment and age these beers to perfection. This annual event is comprised of more than 150 events, including beer dinners, cheese and beer pairings, cheese and desserts pairings, brewing demonstrations, music, films and much more.

Admission to various Beer Week events is often free but some events are by admission only, depending on a number of factors, such as open bars, whether or not food is provided, etc. For more information on this year’s San Francisco Beer Week, point your browser at the official site at and start planning! Cheers!