Green Festival

Head on over to San Francisco this November!

Since the first San Francisco Green Festival in 2002, this annual event has drawn creators, innovators, scientists, ecologists and many more –ists and –ors, especially visitors, to the San Francisco Concourse. This unique festival is a project created and organized by Green America and Global Exchange to encourage visitors to reduce their carbon footprint and allow environmentally responsible and sustainable vendors, builders, designers and manufacturers a chance to showcase their products.

Organizers bill this event as a walk through a sustainable community, where they, as well as vendors, social scientists, business and community leaders and others, can come together to discuss and solve pressing environmental problems here and around the world. This event also has several different exhibits, lectures and panel discussions that foster increased communication, cooperation and action for people who want to make a difference in their neighborhoods, cities, countries, and ultimately, their world.

Billed as the country’s premier sustainability event, the Green Festival allows visitors to:

  • See and hear more than 125 world-renowned authors, civic leaders and educators
  • Participate in how-to workshops
  • View cutting-edge films
  • Drink organic beers and wines
  • Sample vegetarian cuisine
  • Let their children participate in fun and educational activities
  • Enjoy live music and other performances
  • Speak with a wide range of different vendors who are trying to introduce their products to the marketplace
  • Purchase environmentally responsible products to try at home
  • View the latest in innovative “green” home and building design and construction
  • See and experience many more activities

This zero-waste event is held in San Francisco in each year during the second week in November. Ticket prices vary somewhat from one year to the next, but they are always quite affordable and offer a unique opportunity to see, hear and even taste the latest in environmentally sustainable products. While Green San Francisco has been held at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center since the beginning, it may be moving to a new home after 2013, so check the official site at for the latest information. No matter where you call home, this is sure to be an interesting and perhaps even enlightening experience. So if you’re planning on being in the Bay Area in early November, consider taking at least part of a day to check out this interesting, innovative and very important San Francisco festival!