Crissy Field

There are plenty of places in the Bay Area where you can have a great time for little or no expense and Crissy Field is a fine example for residents and visitors alike. Originally an army airfield, the National Park Service took possession of Crissy Field in 1994 and began an ambitious landscaping project of the property in 2001. Many of the buildings were updated or torn down and the landing strips replaced with wide open spaces that today offer some of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the city and the Marin Headlands.

Today, Crissy Field offers visitors wonderful opportunities for walking on the beach, picnicking and relaxing, hiking on its gentle trails, windsurfing and many other fun and inexpensive things to do. Today, Crissy Field is one of the most beautiful and popular parks in San Francisco and has plenty of things for visitors to see and do that cost little or nothing to enjoy, such as:

  • Sand Dunes – The beaches and dunes along the Bay, once leveled to make room for aircraft and the landing strips, have been restored and now provide a thriving habitat for several native species.
  • The Promenade and Trails – The Golden Gate Promenade is actually a portion of the San Francisco Bay Trail, which extends for miles in both directions and offers easy hiking along the Bay with spectacular views.
  • The West Bluff – When the weather is agreeable, this is one of the best places in the Bay Area for enjoying a picnic and a leisurely afternoon sunbathing, relaxing and having fun with friends and family. You can also visit the nearby Warming Hut Café for a quick snack and a mug of something warm to drink.
  • Restored Tidal Wetlands – A boardwalk allows visitors to stroll through these restored wetlands and view a wide range of aquatic and terrestrial creatures in this unique habitat. If you are lucky (and quiet) you may get to see nesting birds quite close by and get some great shots with your camera.
  • Crissy Field Center – This state-of-the-art, LEED-certified facility is an environmental education center for Bay Area kids that offers classes and programs all year.

Getting to Crissy Field is quite easy either driving or using public transportation. Most bus routes that run through or past the Presidio will get you there and drivers will enjoy plenty of parking, a rare occurrence in San Francisco. Crissy Field is a fun, unique and inexpensive place where you and your friends and family can enjoy an authentic San Francisco experience and some of the best views in the area. If you’re visiting the Bay Area or entertaining guests from out-of-town, this is definitely worthy of your consideration!