Bay Area Restaurants

Yelp, the online review site where regular folks provide their opinions on everything from restaurants to state parks to transmission repair shops and everything in-between, recently published their official list of the best restaurants in the country. Since San Francisco and the Bay Area are well known for culinary excellence, it comes as no surprise that many Bay Area eateries made Yelp’s list of the Top 100 U.S. Restaurants. In fact, 11 different dining establishments made the list, which include:

  • 9. Gary Danko – San Francisco, CA
    It’s pricey, but once you’ve tried the first bite of anything, you’ll be happy to throw caution to the wind. This fine dining restaurant is located at 800 North Point St. and unless you know the chef, reservations are required.
  • 16. Cheese Board Pizza – Berkeley, CA
    This delightfully unique and savory pizza joint is unlike any other, with flavor combinations that might sound to the ear but soothe the palate. This longtime local favorite is located at 1512 Shattuck Ave and the prices are very affordable.
  • 40. Lou’s Café – San Francisco, CA
    If you’re craving a righteously messy and incredibly tasty sandwich, then head to 5017 Geary Blvd. in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond neighborhood and get ready to be happy.
  • 43. Roxie Food Center – San Francisco, CA
    This is another transcendent San Francisco sandwich joint, located at 1901 San Jose Ave. in Mission Terrace. The prices are a bit spicier, but you won’t care once you’ve sunk your teeth into one of these masterpieces. The food’s so good, this place doesn’t need a webpage.
  • 53. Arizmendi Bakery – San Francisco, CA
    If your travels take you to San Francisco’s Inner Sunset neighborhood, just try to walk past 1331 9th Ave. without surrendering to the incredible smells emanating from this bakery. For a list of savories, sweets and much more, visit
  • 56. Peter’s Kettle Corn – Oakland, CA
    For a complete list of where you can find these ridiculously inventive and tasty popcorn flavors throughout the Bay Area, visit Plan on buying at least two bags, because the first bag will simply vanish.
  • 59. Ike’s Place – San Francisco, CA
    Ike’s has outlets in several locations throughout the Bay Area, but the flagship store is located in the Castro at 3489 16th St. Ike’s is another legendary sandwich place, where you can eat very well on the cheap. It’s best to view the impressive menu online at to prepare you for this experience.
  • 66. Wally’s Café – Emeryville, CA
    If you like small, locally-owned places where the owner is likely to wait on you and/or make your food, then stop by Wally’s at 3900 San Pablo Ave. for a gyros sandwich. Make sure to try the baklava as well!
  • 70. Little Lucca Sandwich Shop & Deli, South San Francisco, CA
    There’s a reason that the line often snakes out the door and down the block at 724 El Camino Real in South SF. The sandwiches are worth the wait!
  • 87. Kokkari Estiatorio, San Francisco, CA
    If you like authentic Greek cuisine and find yourself in the Financial District, then plan on making time in your schedule to visit 200 Jackson St. You won’t regret it. Opaaah!
  • 93. The Codmother Fish and Chips, San Francisco, CA
    The name of this eatery at 2824 Jones St. near Fisherman’s Wharf may be punishing but the fish and chips and fish tacos are not! Dress warmly, as the seating is all al fresco, and prepare yourself for battered bliss. View the menu at

This list may be a skosh eclectic but it’s heavy on incredibly good food at very affordable prices. There are also many more San Francisco and Bay Area eateries that didn’t make the list but are also worthy of your consideration. If you see someplace that looks promising, whip out your smartphone and read the reviews on Yelp or another online review site. Or, throw caution to the wind and do what people did before personal digital devices and the Internet, take a chance on a dive, mom-and-pop, greasy spoon or hole-in-the-wall and start your own list!